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Distance between Places
Ahmedabad - Somnath - 400 km
Ahmedabad - Dwaraka - 450 Km
Ahmedabad - Udaipur - 252 km
Ahmedabad - Mount Abu - 225 Km
Udaipur - Mount Abu - 180 Km
Somnath - Porbandar - 128 Km
Somnath - Dwaraka - 250 Km

Tour Operator
Mr . NSA .Krishnan
Contact no : +91 90808 58979
Email : shansontours@gmail.com
PANCHA DWARAKA | Dwaraka | Betdwaraka | Dakor | Nathdwarka | Kankroli | JOTHIRLINGAM | Somnath & Nageshwar

Nava Dwaraka is one of the most significant pilgrimage for devotees of Lord Krishna. ‘Dwaraka’ means the gateway to heaven. It is believed that one who undertakes this pilgrimage will open his gates to heaven. The tour allows you to visit some of the best and finest religious sites of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The ‘Nava Dwaraka’ pilgrimage is one of the most sought-after pilgrimage trips any devout Hindu would long to set out for.
In addition to the Nava Dwaraka temples, you will also get to visit the famous  Somnath Temple.

Nava Dwaraka Tour:

  1. Gomti Dwaraka: Also called  Dwarkadhish Temple, this is the main temple of Lord Krishna that stands on the banks of Gomti river. There is also a small shrine for Gomti Devi. This temple is also a part of the most famous  Char Dham Yatra. It is historically considered as the capital of Lord Krishna’s kingdom.
  2. Rukmini Dwaraka: A shrine dedicated to Rukmini Devi (Lord Krishna’s wife).
  3. Bhet Dwaraka: ‘Bhet’ in the local language means ‘Island’. It is said that Lord Krishna ruled from here. There are several Sannidhis here. One of them is for Devaki, Krishna’s mother. There is a lounge and a couch on which Lord Krishna and his queens offered ‘Shodasa Upacharas’ to Kuchela. The island presents a wonderful scenery being surrounded on all sides by the waters of the Arabian Sea. It is believed that several more Dwarakas existed there but all of them had submerged under the Sea.
  4. Sudhama Dwaraka: It was here that Sudhama lived. Sudhama (Kuchelan) and Sri  Krishna were childhood friends and studied under the same guru, Sandipani. People call this place with various names such as Sudhama Dwaraka, Sudhamapuri and Kuchelapatnam.
  5. Moola Dwaraka: This is the place where Lord Krishna is said to have set foot first on arriving at Dwaraka. But, he seems to have forsaken this place and moved to Bhet Dwaraka.
  6. Mukti Dwaraka: This is the place where Lord Krishna was last seen. At this place there is a hall in which we find Krishna reclining on the branch of a tree with a foot dangling. A hunter who shot a poisonous arrow at his toe tip mistaking it to be the beak of a bird is found kneeling before the Lord begging his pardon. It is over here that Lord Krishna made a pretext to ascend to his Paramapadam. As this is the place where he was ‘last seen’, this place is called ‘Mukti Dwaraka’.
  7. Dakor Dwaraka: This is a wonderful temple with intricate wood carvings and architectural beauty and the Lord stands in all his majesty. One is reminded of Guruvayurappan in Kerala. It is said that the original Dwarkadhish idol left Dwaraka out of his own free will to stay at his devotee’s place in Dakor.
  8. Shrinathji Dwaraka: This temple is around 50 miles from Udaipur. ‘ Nathdwara ‘ means the gate of god. The image of Shrinathji is worth seeing and feeling the celestial beauty of the God.
  9. Kankroli Dwaraka: Here the red stone idol of the deity is worshiped with full devotion and dedication. Many believe that red stone idol of Lord Krishna had been brought from Mathura.
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